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Dependable, crystal clear voice communications that help keep your business talking.

The ability to pick up the phone is a fundamental need for every organization.  Whether your business needs single analogue lines or requires every employee to have their own individual number, there is a range of network services available to help you increase sales and retain customers.

What’s More, if any disruption to your telephone services can bring business to a halt, digital services allow you to reroute calls if the unexpected happens.

Analogue Lines

This is your typical landline, sometimes referred to as a PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) and is the most common type of installation for consumers and business.  A typical installation would see it installed at your premises, using the ordinary copper network and terminated at a white telephone socket.  You would use an analogue line for voice, fax, broadband and alarm line.


Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) is installed at your premises using the standard copper pairs that a normal telephone uses.  The key difference is that it is capable of carrying more than one service.  Rarely now, but historically it was often used for high-speed Internet access back in the days of the old modems.  Now it is generally used for phone calls.  The key attraction with ISDN is that it can carry more than a single call, ISDN2e will carry up to two, it also offers for the addition of extra numbers often known as DDI’s or Direct Dial Inwards.  You would normally connect ISDN2 when you have a maximum need of 8 lines, also known as channels.


Offering similar services to ISDN2, the major difference is that an ISDN30 is provided using Fibre Optic Cable to the premises and as the name would suggest, it is capable of supporting 30 lines or channels.  The channels can carry both calls and data, the latter being less common.

Availability of ISDN30 can be a major factor in rural and suburban areas.  The infrastructure is rarely already there so must be installed for the customer.  This often entails “blowing” or installing a new Fibre in the street back to the exchange and is charged per meter.  These “excess construction charges” can often run into the thousands, which is in addition to the normal installation charges.

Although termed “30”, this is the maximum channel capacity and there is no need to have all 30 activated.  There is a minimum however of 8 which aligns with the general cut off point of ISDN2

This is where SIP/VoIP is gaining popularity as it significantly side steps many of these costs with just a simple broadband connection


Replacing traditional ISDN, our SIP services will completely transform your business removing the need for fixed PSTN lines and giving you significant cost-reductions, up to 60% when compared to ISDN.

With the ability for local numbers to be automatically rerouted to any location, even internationally, SIP has the flexibility needed by businesses today. Quick and easy to deploy, SIP enables you to take full control of your voice communications choosing how and where your calls are delivered and only paying for the lines you need when you need them.

Reduced Cost

Save on calls and line rental charges compared to your standard telephone bills.  Calls placed over the Internet are usually lower than traditional lines.

Use local Numbers

Operate without geographical telephone number constraints.  Telephone area codes can be used anywhere in the UK, as long as you have an Internet connection

Add Functionality

Benefit from additional features such as call reporting and call recording.  These features enhance productivity and were traditionally only accessible to sizeable call Centre’s.

Peace of Mind

The ideal solution in the event of a disaster or unforeseen event such as and office power cut.  Peace of mind to keep your business running efficiently and smoothly.


We can offer a calls only option, this would usually be the case if your are in contract with your current supplier as it would be just the line rentals contracted.  We could offer significant savings on the calls only now and then bring your lines over at a later stage.

BUSINESS NUMBERS (Non-Geographic’s)

With our business numbers you can benefit from network services like call recording and auto-attendants enhances the front end of your business.

01/02 Local Virtual Numbers

A local virtual landline number in order that you appear local to your customers.

0800 Free phone Numbers

Using an 0800 number can increase sales and enquires.

0333 Telephone Numbers

0333 numbers are ideal for any business that operates nation-wide and wants a customer friendly number.

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