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Effective communications and adaptability are critical for modern business, so telephony systems must be able to keep up with demands made of them in regards to collaboration and mobile working. In addition to offering conferencing, phone book and messaging functionality, modern solutions can work in tandem with mobile phones, facilitating staff mobility.

Digital & IP Phones Systems

A PBX is a private phone system within an office; the system sits in a corner or comms room where all the internal phones connect to it, which in turn connects to the PSTN network.

Your digital phone system will be used to make and receive calls with on-premise hardware. Your system is built from variety of cards and add-ons providing different services and connections, like voicemail or auto-attendant. In todays digital world your on-premise digital phone system could have the capability of upgrading the cards to facilitate SIP lines (system dependent), which would then enhance it to an IP phone system, offering you significant benefits and decreasing line rental costs and call rates.

If you are thinking of changing your phone system, let us assess your needs and identify the options available from current system upgrade to full new installation, whilst maintaining cost as a key consideration, but functionality and user enhancement as the real drive for change.

Hosted (VoIP) Phone Systems

Hosted simply means that it is somewhere else and someone else is taking care of it for you. For example a Web Hosting company “hosting” your website on their network for you, their network being part of the “Cloud”, somewhere which is accessible from anywhere that has access to the internet.

As Long as you have an Internet connection we can provide a hosted system. The systems we offer can vary from a simple “plug and play”, so you receive your new handset, which plugs into your CAT5 extension, which in turn patches back into your current or new cabinet and then connects to your internet router to a fully managed service which provides full back office support and increased SLA’s with additional system benefits.

For SIP or VoIP services it is essential to have a minimum upload speed for making simultaneous calls. We can assess this for you and advise of our business Internet options to improve what you may currently have.

See the below video on the Vtech SIP enabled handset and the befits offered from this range;

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