Hosted VoIP

Cloud-based VoIP telephone system

flexibility, agility and powerful call-management features

What is a cloud-based VoIP system?

A VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) system gives you everything a traditional phone system does but with one crucial difference: it’s hosted in the cloud. And that means you spend less money on hardware and maintenance.
A cloud-based phone system also gives you much more flexibility because you can take and manage calls not just from your desk phone, but from your computer and your mobile. So you can use all of the features of the office system wherever you are. With VoIP, you’ll never miss an important call again.

Easy Access Portal

The My office portal provides access a variety of user or admin features.  From within the secure portal, you can add and remove users, change extensions, view call statistics and listen to call recordings, as well as much more.  Having direct system access puts you in full control and ensures that the system is being used efficiently and effectively for your business needs.
Don’t worry though, we include lifetime support, so you can easily send an instant ‘live chat’ request (as part of the portal) and we can quickly make the changes so you continue with your tasks at hand.
We provide on site or webinar demos of the software and ensure user training is provided where and when needed.

Key Customer Benefits

Running Cost: One of the most important benefits people first notice with VoIP is the cost saving. With no expensive ISDN phone lines and PBX systems, costs are kept to a minimum.
Call Costs: You will immediately see a decrease in your calls costs, however we promise there will be no reduction in quality thanks to our tier 1 connections with our providers.
Flexibility: As long as you have a connection to the internet, you are part of your new VoIP phone system, be it in the office, at home or even on holiday you can still make or receive calls. All calls within the system are FREE!
Feature Rich: Our VoIP offering is feature rich with many of your traditional features such as call forwarding, hunt groups and voicemail. But we also offer extra features such as Voicemail to email and an intuitive web portal to manage all of these features.
Maintenance: We take care of looking after your system, ensuring it is always operating at 100%, so less cost to you in maintenance and support contracts.
Geographic Reach: In business it is often desirable to have a presence in other parts of the country, with our VoIP platform, you can choose a number from our wide range of both geographic and non-geographic number ranges.
Scalability: As your business grows, so can the system. No expensive ISDN upgrades or phone system updates, all that is needed is the addition of an extension and an extra handset.

Business Class Features

Music on Hold: All calls placed on hold will play music or audio instead of dead air.
Call Recordings: Inbound and Outbound, “your call is being monitored for training and quality assurance” sound familiar?
IVR Auto Attendant: Having an automated solution directs the caller to the relevant person or department, quickly and efficiently.
Queues: Control your calls to be answered by certain staff before others.  Even announce a custom message to your callers.
Hours of Operation: Control when your phone rings your office, forward, or goes to voicemail, easily configured by date and time.
Extension Transfer: Quickly and easily call and call-transfer to any phone, in the office or a remote destination.  (calls within the system are free regardless of location)
Soft Phone App: Connect your PC, laptop, Android or iOS using our unique app, take your office with you wherever you may go.
Call Reports: Get stats on user performance or call centre information, combine with our wallboard solution to become more efficient.
Find out more about the ISDN switch off and why now is a great time to take advantage of our Hosted VoIP solutions.


Our platform is very versatile when it comes to provisioning VoIP applications and hardware. There is a fully comprehensive list of hard phones supported by the platform.  We recommend Yealink devices for their service, price point, usability and consumer support.


Yealink T19p

Entry Level Handset

Yealink T41s

Mid Point Handset

Yealink T46s

High End Gb Handset

Yealink T49g

Premium Gb Handset

Yealink CP960

Conference Unit

Yealink W56p

DECT Cordless Handset

Information on Hold

Music on hold/Info on hold is a simple way to connect with your target audience.  Customers placed on hold, will hear key business information, instead of irritating beeps or worse still – silence!  Delivered to a captive audience, using your chosen combination of voice and music.  Your bespoke music on hold marketing message, turns dead air time, into a sales opportunities.

JD VoIP Security

Our key security partner is Amazon.  You can find all the information for AWS security here:

AWS data centres cannot be physically accessed by the public.  We use SSL certificates for all front-end access and the costings of this are included in your plan as standard.  (This is standard industry practice).  We only use URL based routing for the platform to avoid hackers and fraudsters breaking in.  We have a live time fraud detection system in place on our SIP carrier with safety bars in place to ensure client protection.  All data and call recordings are stored on encrypted drives within the AWS platform.  Additionally, backups are stored within a UK FAST data centre in Manchester on encrypted Barracuda hardware.  Any user provisioning / account provisioning will be encrypted and sent in separate emails.  A random password generator is used and will require at least 8 characters / 2 symbols / at least one capital letter.  Security modules are part of the standard training package provided with the platform.