Samsung Galaxy S9


The Samsung Galaxy S9 has been the star of MWC 2018, and for very good reason. Samsung’s flagship phone for 2018 puts its camera front and centre, with a range of innovations that are going to seriously improve your snaps.

First off, the Samsung Galaxy S9 now has a mechanical aperture, allowing the camera to better adapt to its light conditions. When there’s plenty of light, it will use its f/2.4 aperture, but when things get a little darker, it can change to f/1.5, letting in more light. The larger aperture will also allow for better portraits. This means your photos will look fantastic whatever the conditions.

On top of this, there’s a brand new super slow-motion mode that can capture 960fps for some seriously dramatic footage. This can record in the blink of an eye, taking 0.2 seconds and slowing it down to 6 seconds of footage, for a new and exciting way to see the world.

Like the Samsung Galaxy S8 before it, the Galaxy S9’s design remains fantastic with a nearly bezel-less display. The bezel has actually been shaved down on the top and bottom, making the Samsung Galaxy S9 look seriously slick. The Galaxy S9 also has the latest smartphone chips, meaning it’s a serious pocket powerhouse.

All in all, the Samsung Galaxy S9 is looking like the smartphone to beat for 2018.

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