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Telecom Solutions

We offer a wealth of experience in the Telecommunications market with highly professional and experienced teams that deliver first class support and advice throughout the selection of all our telephony services.

Our services are perfect for all sizes of business from single site traders to multi-site Corporates. We can bring together the work-home solution that meets all your company needs, bringing staff together on a single communications platform with easy-to-use features.

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Internet Faults & Repairs

Watch this short video on some tips to fix your broadband, it will save you time and could save you money.


Truly Unlimited Data Tariffs

Life’s better without limits. That’s why we offer truly unlimited data in the UK. Unlike other networks, three won’t cap your speeds, and there’s no fair usage policy. So, you can get stuck into 5G on the UK’s Fastest 5G Network with a phone, tablet, broadband or SIM plan on Three.

*Terms Apply, Excludes VAT

Energy Services

Immediate full-market access to competitive deals and prices.

Even with the significant price increases into Spring 2022, we remain 100% impartial and practice full procurement strategies that assist budget certainty. Our dedicated account management means we are there whenever you may need us. All major energy suppliers are currently contracted with us, so we already have a head start on seeking out the lowest prices that you may not have found elsewhere.


SOLAR NETWORKS sister company to JDNetworks; we are focused on finding solar energy solutions that will benefit us all now and in the future. We believe in clean, sustainable energy and know that solar is a big part of that approach. Our company offers solar solutions and services to benefit your home or business.

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Merchant Payments

From a technology background we have the cutting edge resources to provide our clients the very best solutions from both Worldpay and Barclaycard.

From countertop machines to online portals we can provide the very best pricing and options available where payments can even be cleared for you the very next working day.




This is business internet as it should be. Reliable connectivity, backed by ‘Excellent’ rated customer service, delivered by a provider who really puts you and your business first.

We can serve every business address in the UK, so when you check your postcode you will instantly be able to see a snapshot of what is available to you. A call to our team will unlock the full potential and we will give you as much time as you need to get to a no-obligation best possible solution.

With a direct relationship with 10 Tier 1 carriers, we can compare solutions and prices, as we have access to the very best on the market. Our wide range of resiliency and failover solutions and 6 hour fix SLA protects your business from disruption, so you can operate at your best, no matter what. Coupled with our own intelligent solutions software, we deliver immediate, problem-busting, custom solutions to suit every budget.

With a significant national presence, we also manage our own network, so with JDNetworks onside you can support your customers across the length and breadth of the UK. From SoHos to multi-site corps and whether you’re looking for one service or multiple, there is no need to look anywhere else. When you call us on 0113 2058120 we will find the ultimate fit for you, and instantly.

Fast, effective, efficient.

Remote Working Solutions

As many of us have been shifted into a different working life pattern from what we are used to, working from home isn’t that unusual.

Different times, yes, but it doesn’t mean that many of us can’t continue to provide the same standard of service to which our customers and contacts expect.

Making sure your team has the right tools to continue the ‘business-as-normal’ practices is now more essential than ever.

NHS England – PCN’s (Primary Care Networks)

Post the Covid-19 Pandemic JDNetworks built strong partnerships in delivering the very best-in-practice services to many PCN’s in the local and surrounding areas.
We have designing bespoke mobile phone tariffs which include all the airtime and data needed, guaranteed credit approval for all NHS PCN’s, all with the cheapest monthly charges and including the best hardware needed for each specific PCN.

Please view the PCN video here.