Internet of Things (M2M)


If businesses do not push forward with the technology that drives their industry, it soon becomes apparent who is left behind.

IoT or M2M (machine2machine) can assist businesses reduce costs, increase efficiencies and provide a more competitive edge over their rivals

This can be done by connecting things together, lets take a vending machine which has run out of stock, unless it is connected to the internet and provide real time data back to base, how do you know it is empty, without continuously sending out service engineers at a cost to your business.

We provide a IoT data enabled sim card, this data can then transmit information back to a free console which we provide on your computer desktop, this can alert you when stock is low, a machine is not working as well as many other indicators.

Live Examples

  • Traffic lights – allows real time traffic management by changing when lights change based on real traffic conditions
  • Security Cameras – sending images or content from the cameras to manned security offices.
  • Rat Traps – Alert that they are full. Please come and change me.
  • Buoys at sea – no need to send a boat to take tidal measurements.
  • Just Eat – SIM in the Just Eat printer receives your order at your local takeaway when you order online
  • Taxi Firms – using M2M sims for dispatch and keeping controlled data cost to a minimum

IoT Console

When using the JDNetworks IoT sim cards, we provide you with a desktop console which identifies issues with the sims when in use, it can even alert you when sims have used a certain amount of data or have fallen off line, so you can rest assured we have the backup solution needed to provide the best service available

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