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The new normal – the homeworker!

As many of us have been shifted into a different working life pattern from what we are used to, working from home isn’t that unusual. 

Yes, these are unprecedented times, but it doesn’t mean that many of us can’t continue to provide the same standard of service to which our customers and contacts expect.

Making sure your team has the right tools to continue the ‘business-as-normal’ practices is now more essential than ever.

Tailored packages to suit every business.

Keeping connected to the office environment is essential for business continuity, that why with our remote-worker solutions you can benefit from;

VoIP – Every user at home or remote destination (worldwide) will retain their internal office telephone extension, so calls and PBX features can be used as though you were on-site… (more)

Connectivity – From superfast broadband to short-term mobile broadband hot spots with plenty of data over any mobile network… (more)

Hardware – We offer a wide range of hardware to suit user-profiles and business-critical requirements… (more)

Software – We can provide both web and desktop versions of Microsoft office 365… (more)

Lease – Zero CAPEX, so you retain business cashflow, through our tax-efficient lease options… (more)


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In the news....

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