June 2nd

The Business

DFS Trading Ltd, founded in 1969 with a single store near Doncaster and has since grown to become the clear market leader of upholstered furniture in the UK. Today DFS employs more than 3,500 people and operates over 100 retail stores in the UK, the Republic of Ireland and the Netherlands, a comprehensive online channel, and their own three upholstery factories in the UK

The Challenge

For several years DFS had suffered from a poor mobile data connection at their head office at Doncaster, a combination of building construction and a struggling internal wi-fi connection left many mobile users unable to use mobile data and in certain sections of the building both voice and data was non-existent. The lack of reliable connectivity was leading to delayed response to important messages and calls and restricted users productivity to their desks.

The Solution

As the issues of connectivity become more crucial to the business, DFS tasked their mobile consultant JDNetworks to identify a solution. As the Head Office site comprised of 48,000 square feet and servicing 350 employees on site, this was not an easy fix.  Working with O2, DFS’s mobile phone provider they arranged a number of site surveys where it was clear that the only robust and long-term solution would be the installation of a Micro-Cell site at head office. This site would use a fibre connection to connect directly into the o2 network and so guarantee a strong 3G coverage at site. The micro-cell site installed at Head Office aided by strategically positioned remote nodes would ensure the 3G coverage benefitted all of the site.

Projected costs for such a solution were in the region of £40,000, JDNetworks managed to negotiate an upgrade to the DFS mobile phone contract with O2, reducing fixed rentals and including the cell site installation of a FOC basis.

The Benefits

All mobile phone users at DFS Head Office now receive a strong 3G data connection ensuring they can keep up to date date with emails, calls and messages wherever they are within the building allowing them to be more productive. All achieved whilst reducing costs.

Working together

In 2007 JDNetworks won the DFS Mobile Phone tender which has now exceeded 750 connections in 2017.

In 2010 JDNetworks won the DFS fixed line tender offering consolidated lines and calls over a single supplier, with rapid growth through new site installations into 2017

In 2017 JDNetworks have won the DFS VoIP tender to facilitate their entire telephony system with a ‘state of the art’ Mitel solution, reducing costs of lines and increasing the end user benefits for a single monthly cost per user.