M Markovitz Ltd

May 24th

The Business

Here at M Markovitz Ltd (Est 1935) we are not only a builders’ and plumbers’ merchant, we offer so much more. We supply civils, electrical equipment, timber, roofing, stoves and cookers, kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. We also have our very own restaurant, The Merchant’s Yard which is located in the original builder’s merchants building. Whilst we cater for the professional builder and plumber we also supply to the DIY-er and retail public. All our outlets are very customer friendly and a warm welcome is always waiting. We keep lots of stock which enables us to satisfy our customers’ needs and of course we deliver locally, free of charge. Our vehicles are travelling daily throughout the High Peak, Sheffield, Cheshire, Derbyshire, Derbyshire Dales, Nottingham, Leek, Staffordshire, Greater Manchester and beyond.

The Challenge

The communication estate was managed by various individuals, across multiple suppliers and was in need of a full refresh.  We knew we were overspending on all our communications and needed to get a fix to all our communication services.

The Solution

JDNetworks approached us in 2013 where they started off saving us circa 30% on our landline costs and merging them together onto one manageable platform. They were proactive to our needs and was regularly in contact ensuring we were satisfied with the level of service.

In 2014 JDNetworks took control of our business mobile phones, we had around 35 at the time including some smartphones and a fleet of trucks. They ensured the transition was hassle free and supported us along the way. JDNetworks often review our monthly spend and introduce CAP’s where required. Over the past three years our company mobile phone account has risen to around 100 and JDNetworks has supported this all along the way delivering a high level of service.

In 2016, we moved across to a fully managed Hosted VoIP Telephone system solution across our multiple sites, installing better data/fibre connections to each site, this has been fully managed by JDNetworks and has enabled our staff to be more productive and efficient with the new services included all whilst saving money.

The Benefits

Using JDNetworks has enabled us to get on with our business, we can rest assured that all of our communication services are now dealt with in the most effective way, keeping costs down and all managed with a professional and friendly team.